Component Buyback and Trade-In Program

Component Buyback and Trade-In Program

Our Component Buyback Program lets you trade in your old parts to help pay for upgrades. You can do this either in-store or via our mail-in service. Said upgrades do not void any previous warranty on a build from Silver Knight PCs, and the new component carries its own warranty, outlined in our warranty program. This program exists to facilitate our customer community by allowing them to upgrade to new components without paying the full retail price, as well as provide a source of good quality used components that through testing and refurbishment can help customers save money.

There are two methods for trade-ins towards upgrades:

  • The first is buying the new component up-front, receiving it and sending back the old component for appraisal and the value of the old component will be refunded to you at in-store credit rate. This is ideal for users that live outside of reasonable travel range from Silver Knight PCs and wish to not have any downtime.
  • The second is sending the old component in first for appraisal and then paying the difference between the old component and the new upgraded component. This is ideal for users that do not want to spend the full amount up front and only want to pay the difference between the old part and the new. Usual turnaround is one week, conditional on shipping being timely and prior notice given to Silver Knight PCs from the customer.

Alternatively, parts can be traded in for store credit or cash. All appraisals are done in store and are subjected to an 18-hour stress test to verify function. Silver Knight PCs and its affiliates are in no way, shape or form responsible for any hardware failure during a function stress test. After the test is conducted to verify functionality, parts will be appraised at used market value using sources such as, but not limited to: Amazon, Newegg, eBay, and direct pricing from manufacturers.

You may bring in or ship the parts that you want to trade. If a mail-in appraisal is to be conducted, this form must be included, filled out, and signed by the customer:


Our rates vary based on desirability and method of payment:

  • For in-store credit towards parts or upgrades, 65%-75% of used market value dependent on how desirable the component(s) is/are. In-store credit is valid for 2 years from date of issue.
  • For cash, 55%-65% of used market value dependent on how desirable the component(s) is/are

If the appraised price is not agreeable by the customer, the customer is responsible for paying return shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Additionally, we do not give over the phone appraisals, but can give you estimates that are not guaranteed, but can put you in the ballpark of the value.