ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus VGA Cooler – nVidia & AMD, 92mm Efficient PWM Fan, SLI/CrossFire

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  • EFFICIENT COOLING PERFORMANCE: The Accelero L2 PLUS features a 92 mm PWM fan, a cooling capacity of 120 Watts and pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound to deliver excellent cooling performance. In a comparison test the Accelero L2 Plus lowered the temperature of an overclocked AMD Radeon HD 7770 by a whopping 20 degrees.
  • ULTRA QUIET: The Accelero L2 PLUS cools very efficiently due to an ultra-quiet 120 mm PWM fan. Xtreme Hardware tested the Accelero L2 PLUS and it was 29 dBA quieter compared to the stock cooler under full load. Thanks to the PWM control, the speed of both fans adjusts according to the temperature of the GPU and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.
  • ENHANCED RAM AND VR COOLING: The Accelero L2 PLUS comes with 31 RAM and VR heatsinks to keep your RAM and VR at optimal temperatures. The thermal adhesive facilitates heat dissipation of RAMs and VRs and offers a strong and lasting bond.
  • MULTI-COMPATIBILITY: It features a versatile mounting system and various RAM and VR coolers in different sizes and shapes to accommodate a broad range of graphics cards. Its compatibility to CrossFire and SLI will come in handy when a multi-VGA setup is required.
  • NOISE LEVEL: 0.4 Sone @ 2,000 RPM.

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Accelero L2 Plus Accelero Mono Plus Accelero Twin Turbo II Accelero S3
Accelero L2 Plus Accelero Mono Plus Accelero Twin Turbo II Accelero S3
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing No Bearing
Technology Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Passive Cooling
Fan Size 92 mm 120 mm 92 mm x 2 /
Fan Speed 900-2 000 RPM 400-1 500 RPM 900-2 000 RPM /
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) 119 x 94 x 51 mm 136 x 138 x 51 mm 217 x 122 x 53 mm 230 x 135 x 42 mm (Heatsink), 218 x 98 x 23 mm (Back Plate Heatsink)
Weight 250 g 348 g 479 g 715 g

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