ARCTIC MX-4 2020 Edition – Thermal Compound Paste – Carbon Based High Performance – Heatsink Paste – Thermal Compound CPU for All Coolers, Thermal Interface Material – High Durability – 4 Grams



  • The new version of the # 1 bestseller: the MX-4 Edition 2019 convinces everyone with its usual quality and performance, that have always distinguished it.
  • Better than liquid metal: composed of carbon micro-particles which lead to an extremely high thermal conductivity. It s that heat generated from the CPU or GPU is dissipated efficiently.
  • Thermal compound: The MX-4 Edition 2019 formula s exceptional heat dissipation from the components and supports the stability needed to push your system to its limit.
  • Safe application: The MX-4 Edition 2019 is metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing short circuit, adding more protection to the CPU and VGA cards.
  • High durability: in contrast to metal and silicon thermal compound, The MX-4 Edition 2019 doesn’t compromise over time. Once applied, you do not need to apply it again as it will last At least for 8 years.


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Arctic MX-4 2020 Edition


Volume / Net Weight
Thermal Conductivity
8.5 W/mK
• Thermal Conductivity (W/mk): 8.5 • Viscosity (poise): 870 • Density (g/cm3): 2.5 • Net Weight: 4g • The ARCTIC MX-4 is a premium-grade thermal paste with exceptional performance and ease of application. It is an electrically non-conductive paste that is applied between CPU / GPU and designated coolers to transfer the dissipated heat from the components to the heat sink. Since the ARCTIC MX-4 is a metal-free compound, it eliminates the risks of causing short circuit and in turn adding more protection to your computer. The new formula in the ARCTIC MX-4 features optimal thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. These characteristics effectively dissipate the emitted heat from the core components. The consistency of the ARCTIC MX-4 is designed for simple application. Its texture is just thin enough to spread onto components using fingers without creating much mess.


• Non-Capacitive • Non-Electricity-Conductive • Carbon-Micro particle Based Thermal Compound • Non-Curing • Non-Corrosive • Non-Bleeding • Excellent for CPU / GPU / Electronics / Lighting Cooling • Low Thermal Resistance / High Thermal Conductivity Dissipating Heat Efficiently • Will Not Short / Damage • Delicate Circuitry Like Silver / Metallic-Based Compound • High Viscosity • Easy-Application Syringe • Superb Durability • 4g Syringe Retail Package

Plug Standards

Electrical Outlet Plug Type
Thermal Compound

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